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19 Essential Cleaning Hacks For The Workout Addict


1. Throw some vinegar in the wash with your stinky clothes.

Throw some vinegar in the wash with your stinky clothes.

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It’ll help get rid of that sweaty funk. From here.

2. DIY some spray to wipe down your yoga mat.

Also works on other equipment, like those giant bouncy balls. Here are a couple of good recipes.

3. Or make your own cleaning wipes.

Use them to wipe down gym equipment after you’re done sweating all over it (if your gym’s okay with that). This is a nice DIY.

4. De-stink your water bottle with baking soda and hot water.

Add a couple heaping spoonfuls to your bottle, fill with some hot water, and let it soak for an hour or two. Then wash out with soap and water. From here.

5. Slip shower caps over the bottom of your shoes before putting them in your bag.

It’ll help keep bacteria, dirt, and other grody stuff from contaminating your gym bag. From here.

6. Stuff your gym sneakers with baking soda sachets.

It will help absorb the post-workout moisture and odor. Get the DIY here.

7. Unpack your bag when you get home.

A gym bag packed with sweaty clothes and a gross yoga mat is practically begging for bacterial growth. Get everything out of there, and let it air out. Maybe make a couple extra baking soda sachets for your particularly yucky pockets. And wipe out with vinegar every once in a while.

(For more on gross gym bags, go here).

8. Don’t forget to clean your headband.

It’s busy absorbing all of that sweat. Switch them out every workout (this DIY shows you how to make a bunch out of a t-shirt), and wash them in a water/vinegar solution.

9. After a good workout, switch your shower between hot and cold water.

It will help you recover faster, supposedly.

10. Wash your sports bra in the shower with you.

Just keep a little bottle of detergent in the shower, and quickly handwash it before you get out. From here.

11. Don’t forget to wash those dumbbells, too.

You can scrub them down with your bleach wipes or spray, but every once in a while you might want to wash them in warm water.

12. Get your socks white again with some lemon.

The mud run was AWESOME, but you totally ruined that pair of socks. Fear not! Boil some lemons in water on your stove, then turn off the heat and add your whites. Soak for an hour, then throw in the washer. From here.

13. If you’re a Lulu-lover, don’t wash your Lululemon garments with anything cotton.

And never use fabric softener or dryer sheets.

14. Use some vinegar for your armband, too.

That iPod armband gets as sweaty as your headband. Wash it in a vinegar solution, or with dish soap and warm water. If you have one made from a t-shirt, you can also just throw it in the laundry with your other clothes!

15. Be less stinky down there: pick cotton underwear.

OK, this is more of an etiquette thing, and an I-hate-being-smelly-in-spin-class thing. BUT: it makes a difference.

16. Fix your flip flops with baking soda.

Are your gym shower flip flops developing a bit of a stink? Shake them in a plastic bag with a few tablespoons of baking soda. From here.

17. Wear yoga gloves and yoga socks for communal mats.

Doesn’t matter if you’re doing yoga or crunches: limit your contact with other people’s grossness with gloves and socks. Then toss them in the washer.

18. Don’t forget to clean that foam roller.

If you’re using the one at the gym, just wipe it down with a sanitary wipe or spray. If you have one at home, rub down with some soap and water.

19. Stick a couple dryer sheets in your gym bag to keep it smelling nice.

You can even stick in a used one, if it still smells fresh. From here.

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