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52-Year-Old Mom Says One Decision To Better Her Health Turned Into A Nightmare


If we’re ever told that we have a medical problem, our first wonder is usually whether or not it’s curable.

Medical diagnosis’ are scary and sometimes unavoidable and incurable. So, hundreds of worries pop into our head. We may get nervous and we almost always look to our doctors for support, answers, and ways out of our own head.

But, unfortunately, doctors make mistakes too sometimes.And sometimes, things can go wrong that no one can predict or fix.

The 52-year-old woman, Kim, that you’re about to meet is someone who has had an unimaginable journey in the operating room.

Her diagnosis of diverticulitis, an infection in her colon, ended up leading her to a surgery that was supposed to help her and aid in her journey to better health and less pain.

But, unfortunately, that surgery did almost the opposite. She became swollen and leaked through her scars, then had more surgeries to try and fix things, but more infection followed.

Everything seemed to continue to get worse.

Today, she’s on The Doctorsand shares her shocking story with the world.

Although Kim’s stomach isn’t the way she’d like it to be, she’s finally healthy on the insideand she’s on a journey to happiness again in hopes to live better for her family and herself.

She even quit smoking!

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