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Trump’s Apparently Cutting Obama’s Council For Women And Girls, Because Of Course


While Trump has been focused on pushing his campaign promises forward in the legislature, it appears that women aren’t making the cut in his priorities.

The White House Council on Women and Girls maybe dismantled, reports. Created in 2009 under President Barack Obama, the council was headed by senior administration staffers Tina Tchen and Valerie Jarrett with the goal to serve as watchdogs in agencies to ensure that women weren’t getting shortchanged in policies.

The counciltakes into account the needs of women and girls in the policies they draft, the programs they create, the legislation they support, the website’s statement reads.

On the topic of the council, White House spokesperson Hope Hicks was quoted in saying,

We want the input of the various agencies to understand the assets they have so that we make this office additive, not redundant.

Neither Tchen nor Jarretthave tweetedabout the news. The accounts ofThe White House,President Trump,his daughterIvanka and wifeMelaniahave all been silent on the issue as well.

Meanwhile, others on Twitter have been responding to the news:

The council’s website does appear to havebeen growing cobwebs for the last six months. The last postwas in December 2016 regarding the companies that had signed on to the White House Equal Pay Pledge, an Obama-era needle move in the direction of balancing women’s salaries.

On the topic of women’s rights, Ivanka Trump set herself upas a possible torch-bearer for feminism in the administration. She’s beeninvolved in women’s empowerment summitsand has spoken out on women’s issues, and even put out a book recently called .

Now, in light ofthe news on the council’s potential shut-down, people are calling on the president’s daughter to respond. On this issue and others,she’s been criticizedfor being all talk and no walk.

While the news broke of the council’s potential dismantling, Ivanka has been busy posting about #EndTrafficking. On June 28, she retweeted Melinda Gates; a post that now seems unfortunate timing given the news’ implications for women’s advancement:

Whether and when the council actually gets shut down remains to be seen. In the meantime, other groupslike theNational Organization for Women (NOW)are taking up the mantle outside the administration to continue the fight for women’s rights.

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