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How safe is Holi for Pets and Stray Animals?


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Holi, the festival of colourings marks the arrival of springtime season and this jubilant occasion brings us a lot of fun and entertainment including the playing conference with gulaal and water balloons. Though we are aroused about the prospect of hurling colours on each other, pets and stray animals present outside detest getting hit with these balloons and colors.

We can easily figure this out by insuring them run madly during the celebration. Moreover, only a few of us are aware of the adverse health impacts these colourings can have on our four legged friends.

Stray dogs and cats are the ones who are most exposed to these gulaal and water balloons. While we all can easily rinses the color off after the celebration, these animals cannot.

The stain in their scalp, over a reporting period time, can cause them a lot of health problems. Even the colourings which are sold as “herbal and non-toxic” are not devoid of peril. It, hence, becomes important to exclude your pets and stray animals from the vicinity of the celebration.

Unlike puppies and cats, we have an immune system that is strong enough to counter any ill consequences caused by the chemicals and dyes in the colorings. The toxicity of these chemicals can take a toll on the animals having a weak defense mechanism.

Adverse Effects of Colourings on Pets& Strays

Let us look at some of the ways how these colourings and dyes demonstrate dangerous to our pets and stray animals’ health.

Skin allergies and hair loss Most dry colourings used during Holi contain chemicals like Mercury Sulfate and metal oxides. These are known to induce skin allergies and rednes in dogs, especially in the short-haired breeds. The constant rub and scratching associated with it can also lead to skin rashes and hair autumn. Leads to blindness Stray dogs often get hit by water balloons. Most of the time, the balloons are filled with colorings. The coloured water and the dyes present in these balloons can be detrimental to their eyes which can even lead to permanent loss of eyesight. Causes respiratory disorders We often see people smearing colour powders on their pets during Holi. Little do they know that these powders can enter through the nasal tracts of the pets extremely speedily. The chemicals in the powder, on inhalation, can cause them lung infections and other respiratory issues. Act as a slow poison Dog and cats have a habit of cleaning themselves by licking. While self-grooming, they end up ingesting a lot of the colorings we have applied to their body. The colourings and dyes contain traces of lead which are slow poisons that can be fatal for both your pets and the stray animals.

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Precaution for ensuring Pets& Stray Safety on Holi

Amidst all the fun and festivity, we can still take a little bit of our time to ensure the safety and comfort of these innocent creatures. Also, being aware of some precautionary steps to protect the animals is always beneficial. Below are the best preventive measures for maintaining your pets and strays outside safe and reassuring during Holi.

Create awareness in your area Putting up notices and posters regarding the dangers of the colourings in pets can save a lot of puppies and cats from being colored. You can also ask the colony guards to keep an eye on the strays during the day of the celebration. Teaching kids in your locality not to throw the water balloons and powders at strays is also a good preventive measure. Use pet shampoos to remove the colours Use only pet shampoos which are entailed for puppies and cats to remove the clay and color stains from their body. Never use alcohol or human shampoos in them as it can lead to skin allergies and infections.

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Refrain from devoting sweets to the pets Cream, resins and other preservatives present in the sweets can wreck your pet’s digestive system and even cause complications like liver failure. Watch out for the symptoms of poisoning Vomiting, Excessive drools, Loose stool and Behavioral changes are some of the clear symptoms of coloring poisoning. Rush to the nearest Veterinarian immediately on find these shows. Keep your pet indoors Keeping your pet dogs and cats inside your house during the celebration is the best way to prevent them from being hit by the colored powders and water balloons. It would be also great if you can create a safe space for the stray dogs outside.

Besides the adverse physical impacts these colors can cause the animals, there might be a few psychological impacts too. Puppies and cats can become anxious and depressed as they cannot figure out what is happening around. This is why you might have insured stray puppies running away and never indicating up again.

The eve of Holi is a good time for us people to celebrate and exult. However, one can also devote a little consideration to the health of innocent pets and the stray animals.

Wishing you a happy and safe Holi!

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