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O’Donovan invests in staff wellbeing programme


O’Donovan Waste Disposal has implemented an internal wellbeing strategy called the’ Dynamo Welfare Project’ for its 165 employees.

Research by the HSE found that workers in the waste sector statistically suffered more from work-related ill-health than other employees across all industries.

Dynamo assistances staff in maintaining positive health and wellbeing by teaching self-awareness techniques and the tools to manage a range of negative feelings including anxiety.

The programme includes interactive ongoing training modules for all staff which is delivered in-house.

The training increases the ability of participants to maintain their composure and stabilise feelings as they face day-to-day challenges in their work and private lives.

The aim of the strategy is to take a more holistic and all-inclusive approach to faculty health and wellbeing resulting in a safer, more efficient and engaged workforce operating at the highest standards.

Staff also benefit by having better physical and mental health which allows them to deal more effectively with any work-related challenges as well as helping them to manage any struggles they may face in their personal lives.

To complement this programme, developed Welfare Champions are also appointed throughout the company, equipped with the skills to support colleagues on a confidential peer-to-peer level.

MD Jacqueline O’Donovan said: “Family values sit at the very heart of our business and our employees are our biggest asset.

” We consider safeguarding their physical and mental health a top priority.

” We feel that the introduction of this policy sends the strongest message to personnel that their wellbeing is of paramount importance.

” The training we have implemented can help us all manage day to day challenges better , not just at work but in our personal lives too, which greatly benefits everyone- faculty, clients and the company”

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