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Natural Ways to Beat Chronic Fatigue – Health News Tips


Natural Ways to Beat Chronic Fatigue

Did you know that fatigue is the number one health complaint? If you find yourself sleeping through multiple morning alarms or wishing you had a place at work to secretly snooze midday, chances are you suffer from fatigue or exhaustion. Fatigue is not related to a specific medical issue and could stem from a number of causes including inadequate or interrupted sleep, poor diet, stress, lack of exercise, and jet lag.

Here are some ways to beat Chronic Fatigue. These simple and
natural tips can help you fight that fatigue and will help in stepping-up your
energy levels.

Of course, we all know that our body gets energy from what we eat. The trick is to eat right and eat real food. Keep it simple and consistent. Punch in enough protein. Have ample of vegetables and nuts (almonds, walnuts, peanuts, Macadamia Nuts etc) as they are high in antioxidants (just don’t over do it because they are high in fat too), contain plenty of vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids. And over and above that, drink lots of water. It keeps all the cells in your body well-hydrated and provides your body with the necessary electrolytes it needs, our body is 75% water after all.

Not only does exercise help you shed pounds (carrying extra
weight is tiring), it gives you an energy boost.When we exercise our body
releases ‘feel-good’ endorphins which help in giving us an energy
boost.Consider taking up yoga or tai chi. These ancient forms of exercise allow
you to get physical activity, but they also include relaxation components that
can be reinvigorating.

Getting some uninterrupted sound sleep is the best way to replenish your energy levels and beat exhaustion. Getting at least 6-8 hours of deep, rejuvenating sleep can do wonders to reverse chronic fatigue. Follow these Top Sleeping Strategies to eliminate chronic fatigue. Try to go to bed early enough so you have enough time to get a full night sleep.

Limit Your Caffeine

Caffeine seems like a great way to improve your energy, but it comes with consequences. Caffeine can give you a false sense of energy and lead you to overdo it. A little bit of caffeine may be fine and even good for some people. Just be careful to not overexert yourself and make sure your intake doesn’t impact your sleep. Try not to get the first coffee of the day as soon as you wake up. Drink 2 glasses of water first and try to wait with the coffee for 2 hours, if you can, so the body can wake up naturally.

Sugar can also increase your energy temporarily, but the crash afterward can compound your tiredness. Instead of reaching for foods with refined sugar eating naturally sweet foods with a bit of protein to help even out your blood sugar and energy levels. If you’re addicted to sugar like most of us try these simple exercises to reduce sugar cravings

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